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American Diamond Jewelry

Explore our designer collection of American Diamond Jewelry

The most popular term recently discovered and heard in the jewlry section is know with the name of American Diamond Jewelry which is actually not the real diamonds but artificial stones look alike real diamonds also know as with the name of the most famous term in the jewellery section “cubic zirconia”. The shining of the diamond make the American Diamond jewellery even more prettier to wear. The diamonds shine at their fullest after sunset and make them look like real diamonds.

It is the dream of every women to wear diamond jewellery on their wedding but as we all know the real diamond is very costlier and cannot be afford by everyone. Here comes the role of American Diamond Jewelry which gives hope and fulfil the dream of all the women out there to wear their dream jewelry “American Diamond Jewelry” which is very affordable to purchase and wear.

We provide all type of jewellery from traditional to modern, we sell the finest fashion jewellery world wide. American Diamond CZ Jewellery is the best option for any special occasion.

Why choose us over anyone else?

On ASBRIDALS, we make sure to provide the high quality of cubic zirconia stones which is used to make “American Diamond Jewelry”. As we want to make sure our customer gets fully satisfied with our services and make our bond more stronger with them. We make and produce high quality of American Diamond Jewellery with great caution and care. We have a special team of designers who works towards creating unique designs for our premium customers. We also have a Complete Zirconia Bridal Sets built in American Diamond for the occasion of weddings and cocktails for the Bride.

American Diamond Necklace and American Diamond Earrings

American Diamond Necklace Set and American Diamond Earrings are the most popular hot selling jewel among the women. The beauty of diamond enhances women confidence which leads to enhancing self-esteem. Zirconia Bridal Sets are the most beautiful sets among all. We have a great collection of “Best Cubic Zirconia Bridal Sets For Women”.

Rose Gold CZ Wedding Sets

We have a very beautiful variety of Rose Gold CZ Wedding Sets for women on our website for the occasion of marriage.


American Diamond Kada

American Diamond CZ jewelry has a kada in traditional as well as in modern designer variant. We have kada in gold plating, rhodium plating, rose gold plating and more. All the designs are different from each other and unique in details.

We offer and provide American Diamond Jewelry to our customers in many categories as listed below.

1) Complete American Diamond Jewellery
2) Cz Necklace Set
3) Cz Rings
4) Cz Earrings
5) Cz Hand Jewellery
6) Cz Maang Tikka
7) Cz Mangalsutra
8) Cz Pendant
9) Cz Bracelet
10) Cz Nose Pin
11) Cz Bangles

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Necklace?

A necklace is a jewelry one wear around their neck. Necklace Usually come with a pair of earrings which makes it more beautiful to wear. American Diamond Necklace are the most popular necklaces worn by modern women and girls. The charm of their beauty and the diamonds have reached to the celebrities around the globe which makes them even more popular among the crowd.

What is American Diamond Necklace?

A necklace that is made up of artificial diamond stones (cubic zirconia) which is a copy of real diamonds is known as American Diamond Necklace.

What are the types of Necklaces?

1) Collar Necklace
2) Choker Necklace
3) Thread Necklace
4) Princess Necklace
5) Chain Necklace

What is Pendant?

A pendant is a small shape of jewelry that can be worn with a chain and a thread. It looks more pretty while wearing with a matching set of earrings.

What is American Diamond Pendant?

American Diamond Pendant is a part of American Diamond Jewelery series. American Diamond Pendant are usually made up of cubic zirconia stones using different polishing.

When to wear American Diamond Jewelry?

American Diamond Jewelry is the perfect theme to wear in parties and functions.

About American Diamond Jewelry polishing variants?

It comes with three types of polishing.
1)Gold Polishing
2)Rose Gold Polishing
3)Rhodium Polishiing

How to care your precious jewelry?

You can protect your jewellery in the following ways.

  • Keep away from sunlight.
  • Protect from perfumes.
  • Store in a air free plastic box.
  • Keep it dry.
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